FAQs for exchange students

Do you require a minimum GPA?
UAB does not require a minimum GPA.

How many credits should I have overcomed in order to come to UAB?
The amount of credits will be established by each home university, so please check with your International Relations Office.

Do you have language requirements to be accepted as an exchange student?
As a general rule, it is recommended that students have a minimum language level of B1.2 (CEFR) in order to understand classes. Only a few faculties at UAB require a specific level of language that must be proved by a valid certificate in order to be able to enrol courses in that language.

The Faculty of Economics and Business requires a minimum level of B2 (CEFR) to enrol courses in English, Spanish or Catalan. If you don’t choose any course in Spanish / English, you won’t need to hand in a Spanish / English language certificate.

Faculty of Political Science and Sociology: Minimum level of B2 to enroll in courses in English and Spanish. Keep in mind that there is a restriction on the number of courses you can attend in English and Spanish, a maximum of 2 subjects in English and 1 subject in Spanish per semester. See more information on the faculty website.

You can check a list of valid certificates here.

The Faculty of Communication requires a B2 level of Spanish to be accepted as an exchange student. Students holding a Spanish certificate issued by the Instituto Cervantes (DELE B2) will be accepted. Other certificates will be checked and evaluated case by case.

When will I receive my acceptance letter?
Once the application period is closed, within 2-3 weeks after the closure.

Do you offer accommodation on the campus?
Yes. Vila Universitària is the UAB residential hall. From their website you will be able to reserve an apartment or room on the campus.

They can also help to find a flat in any of the towns nearby the Bellaterra campus. It is also possible to stay with a local family. For further information, please contact

Do I need to take healh insurance before coming to the UAB?
Any foreign student coming to the UAB must have medical insurance cover.  

If you are a citizen of the European Union, you have more information here.

If you are a non-EU citizen, you have more information here.

I will arrive a few days after the beginning of the semester. Is that ok?
Attendance to classes is mandatory, so you should be here when classes start. If you have an unexpected event and won’t be able to be here by the first day of class, you should write to the Exchange Office.

I’m a student with special needs. Do you have a support service?
We have a service called PIUNE from the FAS (Autonomous Solidary Foundation). It aims to help students with special needs, like a disability, to integrate in our community. They offer advice and support to students according to their individual needs and in coordination with teaching staff to enable them to enjoy a full and autonomous academic and social life at university. You can contact them at

When should I arrive to Barcelona?
Since attendance to classes is compulsory, it is recommended to arrive before the start of the classes. By doing so, you will also be able to take part in the International Welcome Days organized by the Community Involvement team, usually during the first week of the semester or the week before.

Where should I go at my arrival?
Depending on your host faculty, the enrolment will be face to face at your arrival or online. Just follow the instructions received by your Exchange Office. If you need to do the enrolment face to face, you should search for the administrative office at the faculty (Gestió Acadèmica).

As a EU citizen, do I need to complete any legal procedure at my arrival?
All EU-citizen students planning to stay in Spain longer than three months should apply for registration and get an identity number for foreigners (NIE - Número de Identificación de Extranjeros). You can read more about that here.

As a non-EU citizen, what legal procedures do I have to complete at my arrival?
All non-EU citizen students must apply for a student visa before coming to the UAB. Once here you will have to apply for a Student Residence Authorization. You can read more about that here.

If you hold a valid residence permit in another EU country, you don’t need to apply for a new visa to enter into Spain if your residence permit is valid for your whole stay here. You will find more information here.

How do I choose my courses?
Once you have received the acceptance letter, the Exchange Office at your Faculty will contact you regarding the selection of the courses. If you have any questions regarding the procedure, please contact them.

Can I choose courses from different faculties?
As an exchange student, you will be assigned to a faculty (host faculty) according to the bilateral agreement signed between the UAB and your home university. You must enrol at least a 50% of your credits at your host faculty (the one appearing in your acceptance letter). In case you are interested in taking courses from other UAB faculties/ schools, you will need the authorisation from all the faculties/ schools. Also, please note that some faculties have a high demand and availability of places is not guaranteed.

Can I choose master’s level courses?
Undergraduate level students are not allowed to take master’s courses.

Students at a master’s level can take master’s courses only if the agreement with their home university allows to do so. Moreover, the master’s coordinator at UAB must always give the final approval. To ask for this approval, please contact the Exchange Office at your faculty.

How many credits do I have to enrol at UAB?
According to our regulations, there is not a minimum or a maximum number of credits to be enrolled for incoming students. You should check this with your home university. 

I’m planning to do some research for my final thesis project during my exchange at UAB. Is that ok?
Some faculties do not accept students who intend to prepare their final thesis project or to do some research for it. If this is your case, please check the possibility with the Exchange Office at your faculty. In any way, all exchange students must be enrolled in their host faculty.

How can I find out what language the subjects are taught in?
The courses are mainly taught in Catalan and Spanish. The use of one language or another will depend on the professor. In order to know the language of instruction for a subject, you should check the Study guide:

All bachelor degrees < Picking up a degree among the list < Study plan < Study guides

There are some subjects offered in English and other bachelors that are fully taught in English as well, but there are limited spots for exchange students.

If a subject is taught in Catalan, do I have to write my exams in Catalan?
No. You can choose to answer your exams in either Catalan or Spanish since both are official languages at the UAB.

Does UAB offer language courses?
Exchange students have the right to register to two free initial training in Catalan language (16 hours each) and then to continue learning this language with a subsidized offer. You can also attend subsidized lessons of Spanish language*.

Information on Catalan and Spanish courses for exchange students is available here. The prices of the courses can be checked from the webpage for each language.
* Exchange students accepted at the affiliated schools cannot benefit from the same discount.

I have to go back to my university before the exams. Can I take my exams earlier?
The exams are scheduled in January and June. In case you have to leave earlier, you can try to agree to take an exam earlier with the professor, but it is only accepted under very exceptional situations.