Official Master's Degree in Applied Clinical Research in Health Sciences

List of teachers

Teacher Area Category Research
Cardona Iglesias, Pere Joan Microbiologia Agregat/da Interi/na Research
Teacher Area Category Research
Bonfill Cosp, Xavier Medicina Preventiva i Salut Pública Agregat/da Contractat Doctor/a Research
Lopez Contreras Gonzalez, Joaquin Medicina Associat Mèdic Laboral
Pascual Lopez, Antonio Medicina Agregat/da Interi/na Research


Basic Methodology in Clinical Research
Coordinador: Xavier Bonfill

Internal Medicine Research
Coordinador: Adolf Diez

Neuropsychiatric Clinical Research
Coordinador: A. Tobeña

Physiopathological and Technological Fundaments
Coordinador: E. Targarona

Microbiology in Health Sciences
Coordinador: V. Ausina

Clinical and Statistical Epidemiology
 Coordinador: Xavier Bonfill

Research into Clinical Pharmacology
Coordinador:  Marta Valle

Nursing Research
Coordinador: M. Feijoo

Research Practices and Master Thesis
Coordinador General: M. Sabrià

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