The Master's Degree in Sports Physiotherapy and Readaptation to Physical Activity enables professionals to specialise in treating pathologies deriving from sports activities of all types: leisure, amateur or professional.

The master's degree provides thorough training in the following.

  1. Designing protocols for the prevention and treatment of injuries.
  2. Recovery and readaptation to physical activity and sport, in the clinic or at the sports facilities themselves.
  3. Research methodology based on scientific evidence and clinical practice. 

Physical exercise is being prescribed more and more as a basic way to improve life expectancy and quality. It is practised at all ages and all levels, to obtain an optimal state of health.

Multidisciplinary teams seek qualified, diligent specialists to treat the pathologies associated with each sport, and to design prevention programmes.

The Gimbernat School of Nursing and Physiotherapy, affiliated to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, together with renowned institutions like the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia, the High-Performance Centre (CAR-Sant Cugat) and the medical services of FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, offer specialist training of guaranteed quality: clearly oriented to professional practice but also building up useful competences in health science research.

Placements take place at the High-Performance Centre (CAR-Sant Cugat) and with the medical services of FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol.

Career options

On completion of this master's degree in Sports Physiotherapy and Readaptation to Physical Activity our students will be able to work not only in sports-related institutions (high-performance sports centres, sports technification centres, sports clubs, gyms, schools, etc.) but also as physiotherapists capable of efficiently meeting treatment and prevention needs in any area of healthcare, including primary care.

In addition, they will be trained in the methodology of research based on clinical practice, with the aim of sharing their knowledge of health and sports performance with other sports professionals and the general public.

Work placements

Coordinator university:

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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