Official Master's Degree in Erasmus Mundus in Science in Infectious Diseases and One Health


The IDOH programme is a multidisciplinary and international Master's degree worth 120 ECTS credits. It aims to train students from different countries in the One Health concept, which focuses on health risks while taking into account the animals-humans-environment interface. In order to face the constant threat of known and emerging diseases, the IDOH programme trains students to become experts with the skills needed to understand highly complex interactions between infectious agents and their human or animal hosts, as well as the environmental consequences of their treatments. It also focuses on the evaluation and management of risk when infectious diseases appear.

The degree obtained after the completion of studies, does not qualify for the exercise of any regulated profession.

The Master's degree offers 30 places and lectures are held at 3 universities: the Université de Tours (UT) in France, the University of Edinburgh (UoE) in the UK, and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

Students will study at Tours during their first semester, in Barcelona during their second and in Edinburgh during their third. The fourth semester will be dedicated to work placements (Master Thesis) in firms or research centres associated to the Master's degree and located in different countries (there are over 35 associated centres and firms to chose from).

The IDOH master's degree includes Erasmus + Joint Master Degree grants offered by the European Union.
The pre-registration period is open from 15/12/2017 to 02/02/2018.

UAB coordinators of the Master's degree:
Natàlia Majó Masferrer (
Laila Darwich Soliva (

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