Official Master's Degree in Educational Psychology (MIPE)


This master's degree has been awarded the new distinction as an International Master's Programme (IMP) by the Government of Catalonia.

The Post-Graduate of Educational Psychology, composed by the Interinstitutional Master of Educational Psychology (MIPE) and the Interinstitutional Doctorate of Educational Psychology (DIPE) is a joint initiative of four Catalan universities -Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat de Girona and Universitat Ramon Llull. It is addressed to students and professionals in search for an advanced, solid, both theoretic and practical further education in the contributions of psychological knowledge to the educational theory and practice.

Societal, economic, cultural and technological changes during the last decades throughout developed countries have promoted the emergence of new spaces and collectives of psycho-educational intervention and research in line with new educational spaces and contexts. Thus, the number of researchers and professionals of psychology studying and intervening in educational scenarios other than the traditional ones (such as family and compulsory school), and working with collectives other than youth or children is steadily increasing.

Additional information

Career options

The Interinstitutional Master of Educational Psychology offers two different educational lines associated with different profiles:
  • Profile on Psychoeducational Intervention. Students choosing this profile develop the ability to plan and carry out psychoeducational interventions with a high degree of specificity to individual cases, group cases or institutional situations. Professional practices are considered from a lifelong perspective.
  • Profile on Psychoeducational Research. Students choosing this profile develop the ability to generate high quality scientific knowledge, to carry out and critically analyse highly specific investigations, and to create, analyse, diffuse scientific information, and offer qualified education in the field of educational psychology.
The master's degree in Educational Psychology develops competences for the following areas of employment.

Formal contexts of educational intervention
  • Psycho-Pedagogical Advisory Teams (EAP)
  • Advisory teams on language, interculturality and social cohesion (LICS)
  • Child development and early care centres (CDIAP)
  • Departments Orientation in Educational Psychology educational
  • Psycho-pedagogical consultants
  • University orientation services
Social contexts of educational intervention
  • Socio-educational programmes for inclusion (social integration, immigration, social welfare, dependency, community activation, etc.)
  • Care homes and educational action homes (CRAE)
  • Centres for the disabled
  • Special employment centres and services
  • Open centres
  • Leisure centres and educational programmes
  • Public advisory services (work, youth, economic promotion, etc.)
Educational consultancy and design
  • Research and consultancy on training
  • Foundations with educational, cultural and social programmes
  • Educational programmes in museums, exhibitions and zoos
  • Publishing


Faculty: Faculty of Psychology
Coordinator university:University of Barcelona
Other participating universities:

Universitat Autņnoma de Barcelona
University of Girona
Ramon Llull University

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