University Master's Degree in Economic Analysis

Training in Economics with a strong emphasis on rigorous analytical thinking and advanced quantitative and computational methods in an international academic community

Content Official Master's Degree in Economic Analysis

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Master description

The Master's degree in Economic Analysis comprises 120 credits to be taken over two years of two semesters each..
The master's degree is oriented towards research. The compulsory modules (70 credits) provide students with a good analytical and methodological grounding for research: The 40 optional credits allow students to shape their own learning profile by applying the analytical tools acquired in the first year to problems that lie on the frontiers of Economic knowledge. In the Master's dissertation students carry out their own research under the guidance of a tutor.

Teaching timetable

Lectures will be held in morning and afternoon sessions, at the Economics and Business School.

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Study plan structure

Type Credits
Compulsory 70
Optional 40
Master's dissertation 10


Subject title Credits Type
First academic year    
Economics I 15 COMPULSORY:
Economics II 15 COMPULSORY:
Quantitative Methods 15 COMPULSORY:
Economic Models 15 COMPULSORY:
Second academic year    
Delving into the Specific Literature 10 COMPULSORY:
Master's dissertation 10 COMPULSORY:
Applied and Quantitative Economics 10 OPTIONAL*
Advanced Microeconomics 10 OPTIONAL*
Topics in Macroeconomics 10 OPTIONAL*
Advanced Macroeconomics and Finance 10 OPTIONAL**
Research Techniques for Economics 10 OPTIONAL**
Topics in Microeconomics 10 OPTIONAL**

* Optional, 20 credits must be taken
** Optional, 20 credits must be taken