Official master's degree in Internet of Things for e-Health

Training of qualified professionals, with leadership and leadership capacity in decision-making that respond to the needs of companies, administrations and users in the sector

Official Master's Degree in Internet of Things for e-Health

Study guides

The information currently available corresponds to the subjects offered during the 2020/21 academic year. If you wish to consult the information included in a study guide not found on the list, please visit the Digital Repository of Documents. The complete information of all the subjects of the Degree can be consulted in the Study Plan and timetables section.

 44019 - Internet of Things (IoT) (2019-20)

 44029 - Master's Dissertation (2019-20)

 44021 - Projects in IoT for eHealth (2019-20)

 44023 - Smart Data Acquisition and Analysis (2019-20)

 44020 - Standards in eHealth and Interoperability (2019-20)

 44025 - Edge Computing (2019-20)

 44028 - Security and Compression in IoT (2019-20)

 44026 - User-Centred Technologies (2019-20)