University Master's Degree in Osteopathy

The EUIF Gimbernat is at the forefront of this teaching Osteopathy. Offer a complete, well-balanced Master's Degree in Osteopathy programme, in terms of both timing and course contents

Content Official Master's Degree in Osteopathy

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Ideal student profile

This master's degree is aimed at graduates in Physiotherapy or in an equivalent subject, who seek training in the holistic healthcare practice of Osteopathy, in order to meet healthcare delivery needs through preventive, therapeutic and educational measures, and also to meet those of research applied to clinical practice. It is recommended that students have the following characteristics:
  • Communicative skills and empathy
  • Perceptiveness and attentiveness
  • Ability to synthesise and to plan work
  • Abilty to work in a team
  • Adaptability to changing situations
  • Maximum respect for the privacy of the individual