Official master's degree in Advanced Biotechnology

Integration of knowledge on the functioning of living beings with their potential use for the development of new tools in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry

Official Master's Degree in Advanced Biotechnology

Documents for admission

Very important: please indicate the master specialitzation in the application form.

You will need to collect and scan the following mandatory documents to attach to the online application:

  • Academic trancript: Academic transcript of higher studies with details of: subjects studied, ECTS (or hours), number of exams sessions required per subject, grade per subject and overall grade.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Certificate of English B1, at least
  • Acrreditation knowledge spanish/catalan, if the student is foreigner
  • Recommedantion letter (not compulsory but recommendable, if you add it you can have an extra point)

Remember that, if the documentation you attach is not written in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian or Portuguese, you must also include the respective sworn translations into Catalan, Spanish or English.

If you still do not have your degree because you are finishing the degree, you must indicate it in the Situation of previous studies section, indicating the option Pending to finish.

Frequent Asked Questions