Study plan Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education

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Title of qualification awarded

Degree in Primary Education


Two shifts, mornings or afternoons

Study plan information

Table of credits for each course

  Basic training Compulsory Optional Bachelor's Degree Final Project
1st year 30 30    
2nd year 18 42    
3rd year 12 48    
4th year   24 30 6
Totals 60 144 30 6

Period of study


Part-time or full-time

Full-time dedication. Part-time dedication can also be considered.


Basic and compulsory training

1st year 2nd year
  • Education and Educational Contexts
  • Observing the World: Interdisciplinary Projects
  • Communication Skills in an Educational Environment (*)
  • Digital and Social and Emotional Learning (*)
  • Contemporary Theories and Practices in Education
  • Languages and Contexts I and II
  • Mathematics for Teachers
  • Learning and Development I
  • Teaching Methods and Curriculum Development
  • Social Context and School Management
  • Physical Education in Primary Education
  • Learning Mathematics and the Curriculum
  • Language and Curricula
  • Teaching and Learning of Knowledge of the Natural, Social and Cultural Environment
  • Musical and Visual Education
  • Practicum I
3rd year 4th year
  • Learning and Development II
  • Differences and Inclusion
  • Languages and Learning
  • Management and Innovation in the Mathematics Classroom
  • Musical, Visual and Learning Education
  • Planning, Research and Innovation
  • Teaching Experimental Sciences
  • Teaching Social Sciences
  • Physical Education and Teaching I
  • Centre’s Linguistic Project and Multilingualism
  • Practicum II and III
  • Practicum IV and V
  • Bachelor's Degree Final Project


Optional subjects

4th year
You can choose 30 optional credits from all available subjects or choose to enrol in the subjects belonging to a specialisation.
  • Religion, Culture and Values
  • Teaching Strategies for the Training of Adults
  • Knowledge and Learning Technologies (KLT)


Specialisation in Foreign Languages: English Specialisation in Physical Education
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Primary Education
  • Resources for Teaching and Learning English in Early Childhood and Primary Education
  • Learning a Foreign Language (English) in Primary Education using ICT
  • English in the Modern World: Practicum and Contexts
  • Professional and Academic Uses of the English Language
To enrol in this specialisation you must have a Level C1 of English or take a test to assess your level.
  • Games and Initiation to Sports (*)
  • Physical Activity, Diversity and Health (*)
  • Corporal Expression and Communication
  • Physical Education and Teaching II
  • Learning and Motor Development 


Specialisation in Specific Educational Needs Specialisation in Musical Education
  • Specific Educational Needs in Learning Processes
  • Specific Educational Needs of a Cognitive Nature
  • Specific Affective, Emotional and Behavioural Educational Needs
  • Specific Sensory Educational Needs
  • Linguistic Reception at School (1)
  • Mediation Strategies (1)
(1) You must choose one of the two subjects
  • Musical Language (annual)
  • Teaching Music I
  • Teaching Music II / 3 cr.
  • Analysis, Hearing and Creation / 3 cr.
  • Voice, Direction and Song (annual)
  • Planning, Research and Innovation
To enrol in this specialisation you must have a level of music equivalent to an elemental cycle. Alternatively, you can take a level test whose results will be published before the enrolment process.

Not all optional subjects are offered every year so please check before choosing the subjects you wish to enrol in. Specialisations are subject to year-long optional subjects:

Specialisation in Performative Education in the Arts Specialisation in Language and Literature
  • Art Projects
  • Childhoods: Inclusive Narratives through Art
  • Audiovisual Languages and Artistic Expression
  • Innovative Teaching in the Visual Arts
  • Regions of Contemporary Art as Learning Spaces
  • Linguistic and Literary Heritage
  • Language Base for Primary Education Teachers
  • Projects for Teaching and Learning Languages
  • Children's Literature
  • School Library (1)
  • Linguistic Reception at School (1)
(1) You must choose one of the two subjects
Specialisation in Foreign Languages: French Specialisation in Social Sciences
  • Learning Curricular Content in French
  • Resources for the Teaching and Learning of the French Language
  • Learning French through Projects
  • Variation, Adaptation and Fluency in French
  • Professional and Academic Uses of the French Language
  • Research and Innovation in the Teaching of Social Sciences
  • Teaching the Social Sciences from a Gender Perspective
  • State of the Art in Social Sciences in Primary Education: Teaching and Learning Critical Thinking
  • Teaching Social Sciences to Understand the World
  • Social Problems and Critical Social Thought
Specialisation in Experimental Sciences Specialisation in Mathematics
Educational Values in Science Inside and Outside the Classroom
Laboratory and Virtuality in Primary Education
Design of STEM Projects for Primary School Classrooms
Education, Sustainability and Consumption
Cognitive Development and Scientific Thinking in Primary Education
Mathematics to Understand the World
Connections and Contexts in Mathematics
Mathematics at School
Mathematical Games and Activities in Primary Education
Design of STEM Projects for Primary School Classrooms
Specialisation in Scientific and Mathematical Education Using Digital Tools Specialisation in Scientific and Social Studies Education Using Digital Tools and Multimedia Resources
Choose five subjects from the specialisations in Mathematics and in Experimental Sciences You must enrol in at least two subjects belonging to each of these specialisations. Choose five subjects from the specialisations in Social Sciences and in Experimental Sciences. You must enrol in at least two subjects belonging to each of these specialisations.
Specialisation in Language and Social Studies  
Choose five subjects from the specialisations in Social Sciences and in Language and Literature and enrol in at least two subjects belonging to each of the specialisations.  

(*) These subjects can be validated for students whose access is through the CFGS (Advanced professional training) in Leading Physical and Sports Activities and in Social Sports Teaching and Animation (up to 12 credits depending on the optional subjects taken in that course).