Study plan Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Management

Basic skills

  • Students must have and understand knowledge of an area of study built on the basis of general secondary education, and while it relies on some advanced textbooks it also includes some aspects coming from the forefront of its field of study.
  • Students must be capable of applying their knowledge to their work or vocation in a professional way and they should have building arguments and problem resolution skills within their area of study.
  • Students must be capable of collecting and interpreting relevant data (usually within their area of study) in order to make statements that reflect social, scientific or ethical relevant issues.
  • Students must be capable of communicating information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialised and non-specialised audiences.
  • Students must develop the necessary learning skills to undertake further training with a high degree of autonomy.

Specific skills

  • Analyse strategic investments.
  • Formulate competitive commercial and financial strategies in companies and other organisations in the aeronautical sector.
  • Acquire a general vision of engineering as a profession.
  • Diagnose the sales, finance and human resources situations in businesses and organisations.
  • Participate in human resources management, correctly applying the different concepts involved: psychology applied to organisations, internal and external communication and economic and legal factors.
  • Develop software of low or medium complexity.
  • Apply specific software for solving problems in the aeronautical sector.
  • Adapt management to the legislation applicable to the aeronautical sector.
  • Make choices on investment projects.
  • Allocate and manage aircraft turnaround resources efficiently.
  • Use new technologies in airline management.
  • Use knowledge of the fundamental principles of mathematics, economics, information technologies and psychology of organisations and work to understand, develop and evaluate the management processes of the different systems in the aeronautical sector.
  • Identify, develop and maintain the necessary resources to meet the tactical and operative needs inherent to air transport activities.
  • Supervise the management of resources in an airport.

Transversal skills

  • Work in teams.
  • Act ethically and professionally.
  • Thinking skills.
  • Personal work habits.
  • Communication.
  • Personal attitude.