Bachelor's Degree in Automotive Engineering

You will become an engineer with a mastery across the value chain of the automotive sector, particularly in the fields of design, development, manufacturing and distribution logistics

General information

This bachelor's degree will train you as an engineering professional capable of contributing to the improvement of the competitiveness of businesses from the automotive sector comprehensively and holistically. You will be prepared to work across the value chain, especially in the areas of design, development, manufacturing and distribution logistics, and also contribute to successfully overcoming the main future challenges of this industry: digitalization, also known as Industry 4.0, vehicles with alternative energy sources, connected vehicles and self-driving cars.

At the Escola Universitària Salesiana de Sarrià we will accompany you on the path to becoming an engineer with our "Engineering by Doing" method, which is based on learning by acquiring competences and applied in accordance with the most suitable teaching methods, and in which project-based tasks and and work placements are an essential part of the degree.


Career options

  • Develop design and system integration projects for manufacturers of the automotive and vehicles sector in general, ancillary components industry and vehicle competitions.
  • Develop and manage manufacturing, logistics, test, quality control and maintenance projects in manufacturers of the mobility sector.
  • Direct the production, quality control and logistics of a production plant of vehicles and components.
  • Consultancy and assessment services in automotive engineering projects.
  • Technical positions in the public administration sector with expertise in automotive engineering and mobility.

Mobility programmes

Professional training

Work placement timetables

The practice schedule is fully integrated in the academic schedule.  


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