Bachelor's Degree in Art and Design

The Bachelor's Degree in Art and Design at the UAB includes three disciplines under one title: applied arts, visual arts and design.

General information

The Escola Massana, Barcelona's municipal Art and Design centre, is a prestigious centre with over eighty years of experience in training students in the plastic arts and design.

The connection between the fields of artistic creation and design is solidly implemented in several professional sectors. In fact, the Bachelor's Degree in Art and Design meets the needs of versatile and adaptable professionals who can take part in all types of creative processes.

In this degree, students learn to view creation as a process related to production and, at the same time, supported by a broad base of knowledge: learning to create, communicate and understand complex realities in a holistic manner. Upon completing the degree, graduates with have acquired critical thinking, communication and creative skills needed to propose innovative and competitive proposals.

The students will become familiar with the history of art and design and develop skills in different plastic and audiovisual disciplines. In addition, the wide array of training offered in this degree helps students become familiar with new technologies and professional fields such as cultural management and art critics. The degree also offers specialisations in applied arts, arts, spatial design and object design, visual communication and visual narrative.

Career options

- Product design, communication, interiorism, exhibition design and branding studios.
- Architecture firms, design and innovation consultancies, research and development centres, academic journals and specialised publishing houses.
- Typographic design, identity and corporate image design, editorial design, information design.
- Illustration (books, press, advertising), illustrations of comic books and novels, interactive animation (video games, applications, interactive books, etc.).

Mobility programmes

Professional training


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