Admission Bachelor's Degree in Science, Technology and Humanities - UAB/UAM/UC3M

Course access

If you wish to take this course there are different means of entrance depending on your previous studies:

Type of access Preference of access Admission mark 23/24

From Upper Secondary School + University entrance exam (PAU) and from CFGS (Advanced professional training)

Weighted subjects pertaining to the PAU specific phase:

  • Biology (0.2)
  • General Sciences (0.2)
  • Geology and Environmental Sciences (0.2)
  • Company Dynamics and Business Models (0.2)
  • Physics (0.2)
  • Geography (0.2)
  • Greek Language and Culture (0.2)
  • History of Art (0.2)
  • History of Music and Dance (0.1)
  • Spanish Literature (0.2)
  • Catalan Literature (0.2)
  • Drama Literature (0.1)
  • Latin Language and Culture (0.2)
  • Mathematics (0.2)
  • Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences (0.2)
  • Chemistry (0.2)
  • Technology and Engineering (0.2)

Only for those taking the exam in 2022 and 2023:

  • History of Philosophy (0.2) 


University access for people over 25 Arts and the Humanities ---
Others Entrance exams for people over 45


Degree holders ---
Employment record for people over 40  

Pre-enrolment code


Student Profile

This bachelor's degree is addressed to students with an interest in acquiring knowledge from three practically isolated areas: the humanities, science and technology in general. It is of special interest to those who have specialised in any of the two branches in their secondary education, the scientific or the humanistic, and are now seeking to combine the two in this higher education degree.

In this sense, it aims to cater to students from the scientific branch with a great interest in the humanities, who recognise the importance of the sciences while also wishing to continue their training in the humanities. At the same time, students of the humanities also seek better to understand science as an object of study.

As a student of this bachelor's degree, you will have an open mind and comprehensive outlook on the three areas of knowledge, with observation skills and a critical analysis, interested in having access to workplaces in which transversal skills and knowledge is a must.

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