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Carles Arús Caraltó
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  • Carles Arús b 1954, BSc 1976, PhD 1981 (Barcelona, ES). First involved with protein NMR in 1979 in Naples (IT). Postdoctoral work in muscle NMR with Michael Bárány and John L. Markley (1982-1985, USA). Since 1985 at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of UAB (Barcelona, ES) and leading the GABRMN since then (  Present interests in the field of MR-based molecular imaging of brain tumours, for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy planning

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  • Grup d’aplicacions biomèdiques de la RMN (GABRMN)
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  • ResearcherID: C-2361-2009
    Scopus Author ID: 7003464896



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