Free access to digital resources during the period of confinement

Free digital resources during confinement

Many publishers place their e-books and other digital resources free of charge, and others expand their subscribers' resources during the Covid-19 confinement period.


Due to the confinement caused by COVID-19, there are many publishers that, either offer all or part of their paid digital resources in free access, or they extend the resources accessible to their subscribers.

First, we list the publishers who put their digital resources into free access for everybody:


EDP ​​Sciences
It offers free access to the content of all its magazines from 2018


Project Muse
Many of the publishers who publish on this platform offer their content for free.
Digital resources adressed to teachers and librarians are also provided, and those focused on online teaching as well


ProQuest blog
Updated list of publishers offering their content for free on the Ebook Central webpage
Url : List of publishers


Universitat d’Andorra
Free accesss to their publications


Collection of 79 social science books

Books and digital magazines around COVID-19


Here is a list of publishers who have chosen to expand the resources accessible to their subscribers:


Articles on Covid

Electronic book platform in Spanish with access to unlimited users until June 30.

  • Figures: 60,000 books and more than 1,000 publishers
  • Conditions: you can consult them, but you are not entitled to download the entire book, only in part.



E-Journals (free acceess until Jun 30, 2022).


ProQuest central ebook
Access to all the books that the UAB has purchased is extended to an unlimited number of users


Thomson Reuters
Covid-19 legal imact files


We will update this list as we receive initiatives from more publishers