Centre for Research into Animal Health (CReSA)

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The Centre for Research into Animal Health (CReSA) is a public foundation set up by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the Institute of Agri-food Research and Technology (IRTA) in 1999. CReSA brings together animal health researchers from both founding institutions in a new technologically advanced building, with level 3 biocontainment (NBS3), where they can join forces and channel new resources in this field. CReSA's mission lies in research, technological development and teaching in the animal health field, in collaboration with the UAB, IRTA, other institutions and the private sector.

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The Foundation's main representative, governing and administrative body is the Board of Trustees. Its trustees are the rector of the UAB, in representation of the university, who is the Foundation's president; the director general of IRTA, in representation of the institute, who is vice-president; five members designated by IRTA; and five members designated by the UAB, among whom are the vice-rector for Research, the dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, a representative of the university's Board of Trustees and a PhD engaged in research.

Strategic research areas

Research. Develop research and development programmes in the field of animal health.

Transfer. Transfer scientific advances to the rest of the sector, in the conditions established by the CReSA management.

Service. Provide services in the research and technological development field, through concerted R+D programmes.

Consultancy. Advice on animal health issues and technological support for agro-food companies and the public administration.

Organisation of scientific and technical training programmes in animal health and collaboration with other public or private institutions.

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Five awards from the company Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GMBH


Responsible: Dr. Joaquim Segalés Coma

Address: Campus de la UAB, edifici CReSA s/n (08193) Bellaterra

Telephone: 34 93 581 32 84

E-mail: cresa@cresa.uab.cat

Website: http://www.cresa.es/