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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Department of Applied Economics

Research lines

The members of the Department of Applied Economics carry out research in following fields:

  • Regional, urban and rural economics. Location of economic activity and growth; transport economics; regulation, demand and efficiency; local policies; land markets; tourism; analysis and evaluation of agricultural and rural development policies and programs.
  • Economics of natural resources and the environment. Economics of natural resources; environmental impact of economic activity; environmental economic policy; economic evaluation of investments’ environmental impacts.
  • Public economics. Public finances; public policies; public choice; income distribution; economics of public firms; economics of social security; housing economics and policy; tax coordination and competition; evaluation of public projects; technology policy; public finances and unemployment.
  • Economics of poverty and inequality. Determinants of poverty and economic inequality; distribution and redistribution of income; redistributive effects of taxes; vertical and horizontal equity; microsimulation models; theory of measuring inequality and poverty; income and wage dynamics; multidimensional analysis of quality of life and social exclusion.
  • Labour economics. Labour markets; employment and unemployment; labor market segmentation; regional and urban labour markets; human capital and education; policy evaluation.
  • International economics and development. Globalization and economic integration; European studies; economic development and economic cooperation.
  • Applied macroeconomics and economic policy. Savings and consumption; distribution of household income; coordination of economic policies; agricultural policy; regional innovation systems.