11/10/2021. The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona suffered a cyber attack of unknown origins on Monday, 11 October.

This cyber attack has affected mainly the university’s virtualisation system, in which a large part of the UAB corporate services are located. This means that at the moment, many of the UAB’s services and applications cannot be accessed or used.

The UAB Office of Information and Communication Technologies has activated the security protocol set up for these situations and has isolated the affected devices, as well as applied preventive measures in order to avoid the spreading of this attack to other computers and systems which have not been affected.

Once the mechanisms of this attack have been determined in detail, the system will be gradually reestablished, all the while guaranteeing the integrity of each service recovered.

We would like to inform all members of our community that the UAB computers will not be connected to the internet all throughout this week. This will affect all activities carried out both on and off campus: teaching, research and administrative tasks.