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The study of Political Sciences -but also the public administration and services- and Sociology in all their branches: education, family, religion, etc. are two of the subjects that underwent the greatest development in the Social Sciences in the last twenty-five years of the 20th century. We believe that challenges for the government in today's society, the emergence of new problems and the adoption of new policies in our institutions mean that these areas continue to maintain an important position and impact in the 21st century that has just begun.

The Faculty of Political Science and Sociology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona was pioneering in this country in the implementation of these courses. The qualifications that make up our current offer of course programmes in the Faculty (Political Science and Sociology), each with its own tracks differentiated according to the different specialisations and a strong European and international component, cover the range of areas in this field of higher education and research and enable students to obtain a solid and modern education in terms of both knowledge and skills and working tools in the real world.

Evidence of this is the large number of national and international public administrations, NGOs, company associations, trade unions, consultancies and companies that employ our graduates (see the Alumni section of this website). In the same sense, the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology forms part of an extensive network of institutes and research centres that generate a constant flow of ideas and knowledge that guarantee the extremely highly qualified teaching staff for the courses that are offered.

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