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Food Processing

Department or Institution involved

Application of cross-cutting technologies in food processing delivering novel, safer and innovative food goods and processes

Topic description:
The project is expected to integrate in the food sector cross-cutting technologies such as advanced manufacturing, intelligent systems, high-end sensing technologies and other ICT-related technologies in the food sector. Projects are expected to address multiple stages of the food processing value chain and may focus on existing processes or deliver innovation in both technology and process components.
Advanced sensing and smart real time process control and analysis are more and more being used to address industrial bottlenecks, critical processes, food safety, food quality, and to meet market requirements, minimize environmental impact, etc. This demands an efficient integration of the sensing and control technologies.
The project to be carried out will necessarily be based on a multidisciplinary methodology, integrating advanced manufacturing, sensing and control technologies, intelligent systems, market information, environmental-process interactions and/or energy efficiency.
This project will allow the fellow to further develop and consolidate: 1) discipline-specific knowledge in the aforementioned areas, 2) excellent research skills, 3) communication skills, 4) leadership and management abilities, as well as 5) responsible conduct of research and ethics.

Project supervisor & hosting group
Dr. Pere Gou head of the Food Technology research Programme of IRTA will host the fellow.
The hosting group is widely recognized for its activities in the area of food industries: traditional processing technologies, new preservation and control technologies, sensory analysis and consumer studies among others.
The main relevant projects associated with data science are the following European projects (FP7 and H2020): Musetech (Multi Sensor Technology for Management of Food Processes/FP7-KBBE-613665), Enthalpy (Enable the Drying Process to Save Energy and Water, Realising Process Efficiency in the Dairy Chain/FP7-KBBE-613732), RFcookedham (Rapid and Quality-Assured Cooking of Ham using High Frequency Electrical Fields/EraNet-SUSFOOD-291766) , Diversify (Exploring the biological and socio-economic potential of new/emerging candidate fish species for expansion of the European aquaculture industry/ FP7-ICT-602131), Optifel (Optimised Food Products for elderly populations/FP7-KBBE-311754), i3Food (Process integration for rapid implementation of sustainable innovative food processing/H2020-SFS-635478).

Planned secondments
The fellow is expected to propose a comprehensive plan for the establishment of relevant collaborations with external organizations capable of adding value to both the fellow’s career development and the newly established data science research line. Secondments are expected to take up to 25% of the fellow’s dedication.

Candidate’s profile  
A PhD in physics or engineering, with strong background in physics, mathematics, control, imaging, advanced sensing technologies, or any area related with the scope of the topic is required. The applicants must have demonstrated experience with the application of cross-cutting technologies. Experience in the food sector will be a plus.
Specific abilities and skills: independent thinking, good level of English (written and spoken), networking skills, good time management ability, resilience, presentation and communication skills, as well as leadership and management.

If you are an eligible candidate interested in applying, please do contact to get you in contact with the Hosting Group.