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Ultra-high performance Conductive Atomic Force Microscope tips coated with grapheme

IP Status: PCT application number: PCT/EP2013/076362 - 12/12/2013 (Priority date: 14/12/2012)

Description: We successfully fabricated conductive tips for the CAFM (Conductive Atomic Force Microscope) that show ultra-high performance, by coating commercially available metal-varnished tips with a sheet of GSL (Graphene Single Layer) following a standard transfer process. Graphene-coated tips are much more resistant to both high currents and frictions than commercially available metal-varnished CAFM tips, leading to much longer lifetimes and preventing false imaging due to tip–sample interaction. The novel devices can be interesting not only for reducing tip replacement costs, but also for those applications that require high stability and low tip–sample interaction.

Department: REDEC (Reliability of Electron DEvice and Circuits )

Contact: Carlos Raga

Static Complete Fast time Polarimeter 

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 IP Status: PCT/EP2014/065918 - (EP Priority date: 02/08/2013)

Description: We present a complete polarimeter composed by two biaxial crystals. This design corresponds to a static polarimeter (without mechanical movements or electrical signal addressing). Only one division of amplitude is required to completely characterize any state of polarization, incluiding partially polarized and unpolarized states.

Department: Optics Research Group - UAB

ContactCarlos Raga

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Highly ordered mesoporous high-k dielectric magnesium niobate with high surface area

IP Status: WO2014/013518A1 – Europe, US, Japan & China

Description: Detailed synthesis and characterization of the Magnesium niobate has been performed showing the opportunity to modulate and customize the pore size with very high efficiency. In particular the dielectric properties of the material can ben simply tuned operating on the pores size and crystallinity. Test as dopant on piezoelectric PZT (lead Zriconate Titanate) system and the realization of a prototypes is under progress.

Departament: Group of Smart Nanoengineered materials, nanomechanics and nanomagnetism

Contact: Carlos Raga