Training for Kangaroo and Olympics As every year the Departament de Matemàtiques de la UAB organizes training sessions for the Mathematical Kangaroo contest and the Mathematical Olympiad. Open Enrollment (only Mathematical Olympiad) [+]
P-SPHERE Postdoctoral Fellow The European P-SPHERE project, coordinated by the UAB, offers a 3 year postdoctoral fellowship in our Department of Mathematics. [+]
Call for new trainee research positions (PIF) in different UAB Departments 2016/2017 The UAB offers 3 positions for Trainee Research Staff at the Mathematics Departament for academic course 2016/2017. FINAL RESOLUTION HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. [+]
Impact factor 2015 Publicacions Matemàtiques has obtained impact factor 1.128 [+]
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