Call for new trainee research positions (PIF) in different UAB Departments 2016/2017 The UAB offers 3 positions for Trainee Research Staff at the Mathematics Departament for academic course 2016/2017.
Leopoldo Morales López PhD Defense: Leopoldo Morales López On May 26th, the student Leopoldo Morales López will defend his Doctoral Thesis entitled Combinatorial Dynamics of Strip Patterns of Quasiperiodic Skew Products in the Cylinder. [+]
David Bachiller Pérez PhD Defense: David Bachiller Pérez On May 27th, the student David Bachiller Pérez will defend his Doctoral Thesis entitled Study of the Algebraic Structure of Left Braces and the Yang-Baxter Equation. [+]
Mathematical Saturdays The Department of Mathematics of the UAB wants to show you which is the presence of the Mathematics in the current world and to share the passion for this science with you. Because of that, this year 4 sessions have been programmed. [+]
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Maths Saturdays 2014



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