Estudiants A score of 13.352 in Physics+Mathematics is once again the highest entrance mark in Catalonia The cut-off marks corresponding to the first enrolment period for the 2017/2018 academic year confirm the great demand for UAB undergraduate courses. The UAB's joint bachelor's degree in Physics+Mathematics is once again the one with the highest cut-off mark in Catalonia (13.352), while 22 other bachelor's degrees have cut-off marks above 10. [+]
Doctoral's Day 2016/2017 Next July 13th will be held the Doctoral's Day 2016/2017 [+]
Call for the recruitment process for new teaching and research staff 2017-2018 The UAB offers 1 Adjunct lecturer contract and 1 Pre-doctoral trainee researcher (PIF) contract at the Mathematics Departament for academic course 2017-2018. FINAL RESOLUTION PUBLISHED. [+]
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