Quick Debate Marathon

Quick Debate Marathon (2nd edition)

The 2nd edition of the Quick Debate Marathon, on 27 and 29 June, will revolve around the following topic: Is equality between men and women the true key to rigorous science? This activity seeks to promote debate and dialectical confrontation and also raise awareness among the student community of equality of rights between men and women.

On 27 June, there will be a training session on the details of the debate competition, the screening of the film Hidden figures and a scientific talk. The actual day of the Quick Debate Marathon, on 29 June, there will be at least 2 debates, depending on the number of teams registered.

The competition will be open to all UAB students enrolled in the 2016/2017 academic year. Students should register with their team, made up of minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 5. Each team should choose a spokesperson who will receive the specific details about the competition.

Those students who fail to find a partner can sign up individually. If the organization finds another student in the same situation, the two students will be asked to team up. If they fail to make a team, they won’t be allowed to enter the competition. Students can only be in one team.
Interested students should fill in this form. The registration period ends on 20 June 2017. Registration is individual but the name of all team members and the name of spokesperson should be specified.

Debate’s procedure
There will be at least two debates (depending on the number of teams registered). The competition system will depend on the number of teams registered and it will be described in the Rules of the Quick Debate Marathon. These rules will be sent to the spokesperson of each team for them to prepare their intervention accordingly.

Since the competition is based on quick debates, there will be a single round of introduction, rebuttal and conclusion.

Find videos of previous editions in the Community Involvement Unit Youtube channel. They can be helpful in order to improve the structure of your speeches.
Both Catalan and Spanish can be used as the working language during the debates.

This year the topic for debate will be: Is equality between men and women the true key to rigorous science?

Credit recognition
If you wish to recognize this activity with 2 ECTS credits, you will have to make a €25 payment.