Contest rules Aqui busquem nom

Aquí busquem nom!

We're looking for a name for the R-Building

Take part of the contest!

Until november 3rd

This contest for the entire UAB university community aims at picking a name for the R Building at the Plaça Cívica. This is where projects that promote participation beyond the classrooms are developed.

Four UAB entities have their seat in this building: the Fundació Autònoma Solidària, the Observatori per a la Igualtat, Cultura en Viu and Dinamització Comunitària. All four entities belong to the Participation Area of the UAB.

Take a look at this video to know what we do “here”.
Contest rules:

1. Participants must belong to the UAB university community, either students, administrative and service staff or teaching and research staff.
2. You can participate individually or in groups. Groups can be composed of a maximum of 5 people from the university community.
3. Each person or group can participate with up to two proposals.
4. Proposals must contain the following: a) A brief name b) Explanation of why do you think your proposal is a good name for the R Building.
5. You need to fill in this form in order to participate with your proposal.
6. The period for participating is from 15 October to 3 November.
7. The prize for individual proposals will be 100 Euros and 250 Euros for group proposals.
8. They jury will be composed of one member of the UAB Area of Communication and Marketing, one member of the office of the Vice-rector for Students and Cooperation and one member of each entity composing the Participation Area.
9. The contest may be declared void if the jury deems this appropriate.
10. The decision of the jury will be published during the UAB Festa Major on 6 November 2014.

For more information: or come to the Information Point of the Participation Area!