The Bachelor's Degree in East Asian Studies trains specialists in the knowledge and management of economic, cultural and political relations with an area of the world which is vital to the process of globalisation and which will and is playing an essential role in the development of the 21st century.

This degree equips students with knowledge on the social structures of countries of the Asian Pacific region and its customs, beliefs, ideologies and cultures, with a special emphasis on the languages of the region. It specifically provides students with advanced knowledge of the Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture.  

In addition to the languages of these countries, students will become familiar with their history, currents of thought, literature, art, etc. They also come in contact with the functioning and protocols of the professional sectors of the region. The degree is, as a whole, an intercultural academic programme combining social studies and the humanities, with subjects related to the fields of economics, politics, law, etc.

The interdisciplinary character of the degree opens the door to multiple professional sectors: lecturers, businessmen and women, translators and interpreters, analysts specialising in East Asia, diplomats, etc. The syllabus in this degree is thus flexible and versatile, and is greatly focused on meeting the demands of the job market, where there is an increasing need for professionals with intercultural skills and where the relation between Western businesses and Asian businesses grows closer and closer.

The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at the UAB was the first to offer this degree, since it was also the first centre in Spain which focused on the study and teaching of East Asia in particular and in relations with countries of the region. Thanks to this, many of its teaching staff members are natives and a great number of students are from abroad. The faculty is thus a reference centre offering students a highly international surrounding with an ongoing array of activities and strong ties to universities and institutions in Asia. 

Student Profile

The degree in East Asian Studies is addressed to students with an interest in discovering cultures and learning foreign languages, as well as becoming familiar with the political, economic and social structures of East Asian countries.
Students must also be prepared to spend time in a country that speaks the language(s) they are studying.
It is equally important to have a good level of English (B1 level of the European Framework of Reference).

Career options

The principal employment sectors are:

  • Analyses of Asian countries on commission by institutions or businesses.
  • Liaison officer between both individuals and public and private institutions or companies in Catalonia and Asia.
  • Promoter of relations and the integration of people from different Asian countries and their surroundings.
  • Consultancy services to heads of institutions when working with Asian counterparts.
  • Consultancy services to business management members and exports or promotional departments.
  • Aid in negotiations with people in human resource departments.
  • Teaching and research.

Teaching staff list

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Academic calendar

Tutorial Action Plan

Learning resources

Learning resources

Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
Bellaterra campus
Pre-enrolment code:

21030 (Japanese)
21067 (Chinese)

Chinese: 40 places
Japanese: 40 places

Number of credits: 240
Duration: 4 years

- Catalan, Spanish and English (course languages).
- Chinese and Japanese (one must be chosen as first foreign language, and the other may be chosen as second or third foreign language).
- Korean (as second or third foreign language).

Price per credit: 35.77 euros
Course begins on: September, 14th 2015

Classroom-based learning
Period of study: Year-long
Part-time or full-time: Full-time (the UAB offers a slow track, consisting of a minimum of 30 annual credits, to enable students to work and study at the same time).
Title of qualification awarded: Bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies
Arts and Humanities

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