Bachelor's Degree in Law + Licence and Master 1 in Law


La doble titulaciˇ de Dret+Droit a la UAB

The objective of the Bachelor's Degree in Law is to train future jurists who will be committed to society and will become excellent professionals. To achieve this, students can count on a faculty with a considerable network of alliances with universities at home and abroad. Students at the UAB with a good level of French have the possibility of studying at the UAB for the first two years of their degree and the remaining two at the University of Paris II or the University of Toulouse I. Upon completion, students will have earned a bachelor's degree in Law by the UAB and a License en Droit and Master 1 en Droit.

These studies form part of the Eurocampus programme, a macro university campus for Catalonia, France and the Balearic Islands created by the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion with the aim of facilitating mobility for students, lecturers and researchers.

Student Profile

The ideal student for this degree should have the following qualities: 

  • Ability to comprehend written texts and good oral and written expression.
  • Ability to work in group and a great interest in learning and studying.
  • Knowledge or at least interest in subjects related to the social sciences, especially those linked to social issues.
  • Sensitivity towards justice and participation in public institutes.
  • Good level of French.

These issues are related to the skills required to carry out legal practices and will be acquired as you advance in your studies. Nevertheless, if you are interested in pursuing a career in law it is recommendable that you have basic knowledge and interest in these areas.

Career options

Once you complete this degree you will first of all be prepared to work as a lawyer or solicitor or in other professional tasks related to law. As a lawyer you have several options within the field: either working alone or with other lawyers, in consultancies, administrative offices, private companies, credit entities, insurance companies, etc.

Other legal sectors related to public administration tasks can include:

  • International organisations such as United Nations, European Council or other supranational entities such as the European Union.
  • Nationally you will be prepared to work in legal administration areas (for judges, prosecutors, general administration offices), foreign administration posts (diplomacy) or in other areas such as the public notary, property or business registries; solicitor's office, legal aid offices, or departments of inspection (finances, labour, etc.).
  • Legal aid services in local and national governmental offices.
  • Public administration posts in regional, state and international organisations.

Coordinator and coordination team

Coordinadora programa UAB -  Universitat Paris II: Dra. Marta Franch i Dra. Mª José Rodriguez Puerta
Coordinadora programa UAB – Universitat de Toulouse: Dra. Mª José Rodriguez Puerta

Teaching staff list

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Academic calendar

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Learning resources

Learning resources

Faculty of Law
Bellaterra Campus and Paris/Toulouse
Pre-enrolment code: 21086

If you are interested in taking this degree you must pre-register at university for the degree in Law.

You must also submit your application to the academic management office of the Faculty of Law (between July and September, specific dates are yet to be confirmed) and attach the following documents:
- Secondary school transcript.
- Certificate in French.
- Curriculum Vitae.

The faculty will post a list of all admitted students.
Number of credits: 240
Duration: 4 years
Language: Spanish and French.
Classroom-based learning
Period of study: Six-monthly
Social Sciences and Law