Biology is an integrating science. The explanation of any aspect of life requires integral reasoning which takes into account each and every one of the factors involved and their interactions. The Bachelor's Degree in Biology at the UAB provides solid training in the several areas that make up this science in constant evolution by combining two types of knowledge: general knowledge with an integral and multidisciplinary approach, and applied practical knowledge to prepare students for the labour market.

Biology, as a science that studies living beings, represents one of the largest branches of scientific knowledge. Biology governs the development of humanity both by influencing the thoughts of mankind and by having an effect on the well being and health of the population, environment, economy and natural resources.

Bioscience is one of the fundamental pillars of the UAB in both academic training and research activities. That is why in 2006, the university created the first Faculty of Biosciences in Spain and works with several leading research centres such as the Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine "Vicent Villar Palasí", the Animal Biotechnology and Gene Therapy Centre, the Biophysics Studies Centre, and the pilot plant laboratory 'Melissa'. The university also created the UAB Biocluster, a Biotechnology and Biomedicine cluster formed by research groups, facilities and centres working in this field of knowledge.

Student Profile

This degree is aimed at students interested in studying all of the various aspects of life: the origin and evolution, diversity, structure and functioning, the laws it must abide by , relationships between live beings and their environment.
The ideal student profile is a person with analysis and synthesis skills, with the ability to observe and deduce, creative, innovative, with a critical sense of reasoning and interest in research.
It is highly recommendable to have a good level in Biology and to have taken mathematics, physics and chemistry in Upper Secondary school. Knowledge of the English language is also recommended.

Career options

A biologist's profession consists of legally recognised competences that are included in the articles of association of the Spanish Association of Biologists.
The following is a summary of these competences:

  • Professionals in research and development for R&D centres and departments in companies, industries and hospitals.
  • Professionals in health for clinical laboratories, human reproduction, public healthcare, nutrition and diet, animal and plant health.
  • Professionals in pharmaceutical, agrofood and chemical industries working on tasks related to technical production and management of quality.
  • Professionals in agriculture and fishing option to optimise plant, animal and fungi cultivations and find new exploitable resources.
  • Professionals in the environment, largely related to sectors such as organisation, conservation and control of territories; management of resources, residues; assessment of impacts and restoration of the natural environment.
  • Professionals in the commerce and marketing of products and services related to biology in all the aforementioned fields.
  • Professionals in information, documentation and dissemination in museums, natural parks, media, etc.

Teaching staff list

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Academic calendar

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Learning resources

Learning resources

Faculty of Biosciences
Bellaterra Campus
Pre-enrolment code: 21009
80 places
Number of credits: 240 ECTS
Duration: 4 years
Language: Catalan, Spanish and English
Price per credit: 35.77 euros
Classroom-based learning
Period of study: Annual
Part-time or full-time: Full-time dedication. Part-time option available.

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