In recent years the demand for archaeologists has increased and the UAB is one of the first universities to have created a programme in response to this. The Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeology provides the theoretical, methodological and technical knowledge characteristic of archaeology, without forgetting the knowledge of theory and the scientific rigour needed in the basic training of historians, allowing these to work with remains from widely differing periods, from Prehistory to Modern Times.

Graduates will be able to engage in the professional practice of Archaeology (field archaeology, archaeological heritage management in museums, cultural foundations, archaeological parks, etc.), in the teaching of history, in the making of historical and archaeological studies, cultural counselling and, more broadly, in public administration, management of international projects, and research in universities and research centres.

After Italy, Spain is the second European country in terms of archaeological heritage. But despite having a long tradition of academic research in this area (the UAB has included a specific Archaeology track in its bachelor's degree in History since 1992), until a few years ago there was no specific official degree in Archaeology. In recent years, the need for professional archaeologists has become more evident. One reason for this is the existence of laws regulating the need for construction and environmental impact companies to draw up archaeological impact reports and, if necessary, carry out archaeological digs. Every year in Catalonia alone 1,500 archaeological projects are carried out. Another reason is the growing importance of archaeology in the teaching, dissemination and management of culture and in current policies applied to protect and promote heritage as part of local development. This has generated several possibilities in both Spain and Europe's labour market.

Degrees in Archaeology have been taught for decades in various countries of the European Union. Among the most prestigious European universities that offer degrees in Archaeology are those of Leicester, Southampton and University College London, in the UK.

Student Profile

If you wish to take the degree in Archaeology you must have a clear interest in the ancient eras of history and in aspects that can be dealt with in more recent times using methods pertaining to archaeology. Archaeology also requires persons able to observe and analyse critically, and given to reflection and interested in fieldwork. Competence in communicating orally and in writing will be valuable both while you are studying this degree and when you begin to work professionally.
It is recommended to have a knowledge of history at the upper secondary school level.

Career options

  • Archaeological fieldwork.
  • Management of archaeological heritage.
  • Museums, cultural foundations, archaeological parks, etc.
  • Teaching history and archaeological studies. Teaching and research in universities or private/public research centres.
  • Collaboration with the media and publishing houses.
  • Cultural assessment for institutes.
  • Public administration posts or management of public or private international projects.

Coordinator and coordination team

Ermengol Gassiot Ballbé
Tel. 93 581 4336

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Academic calendar

Academic calendar

Learning resources

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Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Bellaterra Campus
Pre-enrolment code: 21007
80 places
Number of credits: 240
Duration: 4 years
Language: Catalan and Spanish
Price per credit: 35.77 euros
Course begins on: 12 September
Classroom-based learning
Period of study: The degree is organised into semesters.
Part-time or full-time: Full-time dedication. Part-time option available.
Arts and Humanities

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