‘UAB Barcelona Summer School’ offers the course How Cities Bounce Back from a Terror Attack: Barcelona as an Experience

Image: The Sun
Image: The Sun

Undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to experience a linguistic and knowledge immersion at the UAB. Up to 12 ECTS (one subject per period) may be enrolled, which undergraduate students can use for college credit.


UAB Barcelona Summer School’ is an international academic program at the UAB intended for undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. They will be able to get college credit after courses are completed (up to 12 ECTS, one subject per period, may be enrolled).

Of all the 15 courses offered, taught entirely in English, there is one that is framed around Health Systems and Crisis Response Teams: How Cities Bounce Back from a Terror Attack: Barcelona (Spain) as an Experience. This 6 ECTS course will take place from 16th July to 3rd August 2018 at the UAB campus.

This will be the first edition of this course focused on analysing the impact of terror attacks in mass-tourism cities and the consequent effects on emotional well-being.  The course will also cover how a city recovers from such trauma based on different pre-emptive actions (immediate emergency response, security planning, communication and political protocols, etc.).

A practical approach

During the course students will apply different techniques to effectively tackle a simulated terror attack in the Barcelona city centre. Evaluation for this course will be based on performance in a mock emergency committee working on three different response fronts with special attention to the post-attack recovery process. Further details on the content and teaching activities.

This course is coordinated by Professor Ingeborg Porcar, Technical Director of UAB’s Crisis and Conflict Centre. As a specialised unit, the Centre is dedicated to care provision, training and research for critical situations, devoted to society with special attention to public administration, the corporate world and social agents that can be affected by crises, disasters, or conflicts.

Stay at the UAB Campus

The course will take place at the UAB Campus, where there are many accommodation options and services. Upon enrolment, there is discount available for accommodation either in Barcelona, which is only 35’ away from campus by railway, or in Vila Universitària (UAB’s residence halls with bars, restaurants, groceries, and recreation facilities for outdoor activities). You can also join the Buddy Program, with many different activities and workshops intended for international students.


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