Art and History

Study on Obtaining Wood in Argentine Patagonia during the Holocene

A study has examined the charred and non charred wood recovered in six stratigraphic levels of an archaeological site in the Argentine Patagonia dating from the Holocene. The results reveal changes in the modes hunter-gatherers acquired woody material from different levels of the archaeological site.


Communication Studies

The Radio in Spain: European Appearance, Franco’s Legacy

A study on the evolution of the Spanish private radio industry from Franco’s dictatorship to the present reveals that, as an industry and a system, its transformation has been formal but has not affected latent structures, and therefore problems still exist. This is the case of clientelistic relationships.


Animal Science

Relationship between Mineral Levels and Health in Pyrenean Chamois

The important impact on fertility, growth and disease that the mineral status of living things has is often underestimated in wildlife. The results of a study on macro and trace mineral concentrations in liver samples show that Pyrenean chamois affected by infectious diseases have a higher concentration of certain minerals than healthy chamois.


Medicine and Health

Influence of Leptin/Weight Ratio in Controlled Ovarian Stimulation in Assisted Reproduction

Overweight women and those with very low birth weight have difficulty becoming pregnant, and both groups have different levels of leptin. The results of a study with patients undergoing IVF showed that high levels of leptin reduced egg production and a lower body mass index implied a higher number of fertilised oocytes.


3Q: Andrew Rowan play play

3Q: Andrew Rowan

Andrew Rowan is President of Humane Society International and Chief International Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of the Humane Society. With a PhD in Biochemistry from Oxford University, in 2002 he received the Henry Spira Award from the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing. [ + Videos ]

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