Digital Simulations: effects on self-efficacy and learning transfer

This study examines how design features in learning environments based on digital simulation regulate efficacy and learning transfer. The results indicate that high levels of user control, as well as feedback after the performance simulation, resulted in higher estimates of self-efficacy and knowledge transfer.



Argumentation in a Science Class and its Teaching

The challenge of promoting argumentation in a science class requires teachers to engage in critical reflection processes. In this research, we show how a participatory process of critical reflection on argumentation and its teaching with teachers changes their epistemic, didactic and conceptual conceptions on this competence as well as the structure and quality of their arguments.


Medicine and Health

Development of a Harmless Artificial Virus for Gene Therapy

Researchers of the Nanobiology Unit from the UAB Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine have produced an alternative to the use of viruses in gene therapy.The researchers synthesised nanoparticles which act as artificial viruses, capable of surrounding DNA fragments and releasing them as therapeutic agents, with no biological risk, into the interior of cells.



Early Marriage in Educationally Expanding Societies

Numerous studies have shown that women with more years of schooling tend to delay their first marriage, usually associating educational level and age of marriage. This thesis focuses its attention on countries where there has been a delay in the timing of marriage and increased levels of female education.


3Q: Paul Robbins play play

3Q: Paul Robbins

Paul Robbins, Director of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Considered to be one of the most renowned researchers in the emerging field of political ecology. [ + Videos ]

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