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  1. What is the schedule for the  ... Library?
  2. Where is the ... Library?
  3. What courses do the UAB libraries organise?
  4. If I'm not a member of the UAB, can I enter the libraries?
  5. I've lost...




1. What is the schedule for the ... Library?

  • Consult the table of schedules on the Library Services web.

2. Where is the ... Library?


3. What courses do the UAB libraries organise?

  • The libraries organise various courses for students as well as for professors. You can find all the information you will need on the page for  training courses


4. If I'm not a member  of the UAB,  can I enter the libraries?

  • Yes, to consult our collections during the hours of usual opening of the libraries.
  • Acces to the UAB Study Rooms (Social Sciences and Cívica square) at night, public holidays and weekends is restricted to UAB members. Your university card is required. 
  • If you are not member of the UAB, to take books out on loan and use the UAB Study Rooms you must become a member of the Associació d'Amics de la UAB [Association of Friends of the UAB]. For futher information, consult the Association's Web page (Torre Vila-Puig, Campus de la UAB; Tel. 93 581 14 90; Fax 93 581 46 45; E-mail
  • If you are a professor, PAS or student of the universities members of the CBUC you can use the consortial borrowing. If you are member of any other university with which the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has a reciprocal agreement, you can borrow books as well as make queries.


5. I've lost ...

  • To find out if we have found it, go to the Logistical Support and Information desk of the library where you lost it.





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