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Garbage collect will be charged

The bags of garbage in the corridors of Vila buildings are a constant year after year.
Is the practice of a minority, the consequences of which affect the majority. [+]


Electric shut off

This shutdown will affect electric supply in Vila2, Vila’s office and the schools in the White Building.
ila Universitaria.


Change of location of trash bins on campus

UAB remove, change location and expand container areas in Vila Universitaria. [+]

Busline FGC Bellaterra-Alba


Improvements in the FGC Bellaterra-Parc de l'Alba busline

The busline that connects FGC Bellaterra station and Parc de l'Alba (Synchrotron) will have new stops at the Hotel/Vila and the Communications and Medicine faculties from January 20th. If the demand is satisfactory the stops will become permanent. [+]

Welcome to Vila and the UAB


This is Vila and the UAB!

With more than 2000 accommodation places on the UAB Bellaterra campus, Vila Universitària is the best option to stay during your study at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.  [+]

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