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 Research programmes 

Research grants for full-time UAB staff with a doctorate to undertake a placement outside Catalonia
The Ministry of Universities, Research and the Information Society (DURSI) supports research placements outside Catalonia for improving skills or for research on areas of scientific, technological, social or humanistic interest to Catalonia.

In accordance with the terms laid down in the Catalan Universities Act (LUC), this support is available to lecturers and researchers with a doctorate who work for either the Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies, a Catalan university, or a not-for-profit, non-university institution based in Catalonia whose main activities include research. All applicants must work full-time for their institutions.

The period of the placement may be between one and four months.

"Salvador de Madariaga" Programme: supporting placements for lecturers and researchers in centres abroad and, in some cases, in Spain
The Spanish Ministry of Education and Science has introduced this programme to promote training and mobility for staff working full-time or part-time in higher education or research and development (R+D). The programme aims to contribute to improving the academic training and skills of lecturers at Spanish public universities and their affiliate institutions and at the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the Spanish public research centres (OPIS).

Those taking a placement abroad must develop a research project, and may combine this with higher education activities of the host country. Those taking a placement in Spain must lecture for any level of higher education in the host centre, and also develop a research project.

The period of the placement may be between three and twelve months.

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