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On the Use of "That" by Individuals with Afasia

Aphasia is a regressive pathology affecting linguistic skills which appears after brain injury. A study shows that English-speaking individuals with aphasia use significantly less subordinate clauses. In contrast, there are no differences with individuals without brain damage in the presence of that, which is optional in certain constructions.



Exotic Plant Frees itself from Hervibores after Colonizing Novel Habitats in Catalonia

One hypothesis to explain the process by which exotic species become invasive ones predicts that exotic plants lose the herbivores associated with their area of origin. A study shows for the first time consistent evidence of herbivores declining after the invasion of the shrub Senecio pterophorus.



A New Interactive Tool for Learning Crystallography

Although crystallography is very present in our surroundings, and crystallographic methods are used in many fields, it is a complicated science for many scientists and technologists. A multidisciplinary team has developed a tool to facilitate learning and understanding of symmetry, a basic aspect of this science.



Relationship between Growth Stunting and Body Composition

Growth stunting in childhood has long-term consequences, such as short stature and reduced muscle mass in adulthood. A study on its short-term shows that growth stunting is associated with lower muscle development and modification of patterns of body fat in adolescence.


3Q: Kostas Kostarelos play play

3Q: Kostas Kostarelos

Kostas Kostarelos is Professor of Nanomedicine at the University of Manchester and Honorary Professor at the University College of London (UK) and is founding editor of the journal Nanomedicine. He recently advised the company PlayGen to develop a video game on nanomedicine in order to use this technology as a tool for scientific communication. [ + Videos ]

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