Grants, financial aid and calls for applications

Call for applications: financial support for language-learning available to UAB teaching staff (2023)


To improve UAB teaching staff’s command of foreign languages and specifically the level of English for lecturers wishing to offer classes in English.

There are two types of support:

A: Grants for English courses at or above level 4 of the Language Service of the UAB or equivalent at or above  level B2.1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) organised at the UAB. 

B. Grants for foreign language courses organised at the UAB or elsewhere. 


Financial support may be granted to academic staff on contract to the UAB (capitol 1) throughout the period in which the course takes place.

To receive the grant you must be able to accredit having passed the course during the 2022-23 academic year. A certificate stating that the course has been taken and passed must be submitted. For courses that do not specify the achievement of one of the CEFR levels or a final exam, a certificate of attendance will be required from the centre where the course was taken.
For type A the courses must be organised by the UAB. 

For type B the courses must be organised by entities within the MOBINT (taules d'idiomes del CIC i ACLES) agreement or European university language centres.

Where online courses are applied for they must be organised by the UAB and a certificate of the level passed, issued by the UAB, must also be submitted. The examination to prove the level attained must be taken in the same academic year as the grant i.e. 2022-23 and not after 15 September 2023.


This support is incompatible with any other awarded for the same purpose.

Official document

Opening date


Date of submission to the Agency convener



The following documents should be submitted to the UAB’s Office for Assistance in Registration Matters (OAMR).

  • Application form provided in the annexe to this announcement.
  • For courses taken outside the Language Service, an attested copy of the certificate from the Language Service of the course provider stating that the relevant course has been taken and passed. If the course does not lead to the attainment of a level of the CEFR), or does not have a final exam, a certificate of successful completion or aptitude should be provided. The certificate must specify the period in which the course took place, the total number of hours, and its equivalence to the CEFR.
  • Receipt for payment of the course fees for courses taken outside the Language Service of the UAB.

 Applications and documents may be presented as follows:


First period: 20 July to 14 September (except August)

Second period: 2 October to 20 October

Application form



+34 93 581 1325


The decision-making body for allocating this support will be the  Language  Service,  by delegation of the Language Policy Commission, which is informed annually of the outcomes.

Decisions are published on the UAB web page  ( and on the Language Service website (, in both cases under the section Language Grants and Calls for Applications, one month after the deadline for applications.