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Call for applications: support for correcting teaching materials in English, 2023.


To assist in the correction of Catalan and English materials used by lecturers who teach in these languages on undergraduate and master's degree courses. To assist in the correction of course guides written in these two languages for any UAB subject, irrespective of the language in which it is delivered.
There are two types of grant:

  1. Grants for the correction of teaching materials in English
  2. Grants for the correction of teaching materials in Catalan


This support may be provided to academic staff of the UAB engaged in teaching in English or Catalan on a UAB bachelor's degree or official master’s degree, in accordance with the teaching programme approved for each degree.

The teaching materials to be corrected must be of a minimum linguistic standard, as determined by the Language Service. If not, the support may be withdrawn. 


This support is incompatible with any other support or grant provided for the same purpose.

Official document

Opening date


Date of submission to the Agency convener



Applications and documents may be presented as follows:

The period for submitting applications is open from the date of publication of the call for applications until 24 November 2023.

Application form


In order to expedite the grant award process, the Language Service decides on applications as they arrive on behalf of the Language Policy Commission, except in the month of August. The Language Service reports annually to the Language Policy Commission on its resolutions concerning these grants.
The resolution will be published on the UAB’s grants portal: