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This Master's Degree has been deprogrammed.

The Master's Degree in Higher Accounting and Auditing is a response to the growing demand for professionals with specific training in the field of accounting, in the links between accounting and corporate taxation, and in accounts auditing.

This programme provides the knowledge of accounting and auditing that students need to practise the profession of auditor. It trains up specialists in accounting and auditing who can carry out audits of any type or scope and meet the requirements to take the examination for inclusion on the Official Register of Accounts Auditors (ROAC), as specified by the Spanish Institute of Accounting and Accounts Auditing (ICAC).

The Master's Degree includes a required placement of 4 or 5 months, with support from the Association of Economists of Catalonia, to which the auditing firms where most students undertake these placements belong.

Career options

  • Head of the accounting department of a company or group
  • Tax and accounting adviser
  • Accounting consultant
  • Finance and accounting analyst
  • Accounts auditor
  • Adviser and consultant on accounting and auditing

Work placements


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