Study plan Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

Study guides


Morning and afternoon schedules in the first two years; Mornings only from the third year on.

Table of credits for each course

  Basic training Compulsory Optional Bachelor's Degree Final Project
1st year 54 6    
2nd year 6 54    
3rd year   60    
4th year   6 42 12
Total 60 126 42 12

Period of study


Part-time or full-time

Full-time, with the possibility of part-time dedication in line with UAB regulations.


Specialization in Software Engineering
Specialization in Computer Engineering
Specialization in Computational Science
Specialization in Information Technology

Basic and compulsory training

1st year 2nd year
- Algebra
- Fundamentals of Computing
- Electricity and Electronics
- Fundamentals of Engineering
- Calculus
- Business Organisation and Management
- Fundamentals of Computers
- Programming Methodology
- Discrete Mathematics
- Statistics
- Computer Organisation
- Operating Systems
- Programming Lab
- Databases
- Computer Architecture
- Networks
- Artificial Intelligence
- Software Engineering
- Information and Security
3rd year  
- Internet and Web Development Technologies
- Engineering Ethics
- Legislation

Students must complete all 48 credits of an intensive course in order to obtain the degree and the corresponding specialisation.
Intensive Course in Software Engineering Intensive Course in Computer Engineering
- Software Design
- Software Requirements
- Database Management and Administration
- Software Quality and Testing
- Software Development Management
- Quality Models in ICT Management
- Software Architecture and Technologies
- Software Integrated Lab
- Distributed Systems
- Embedded Systems
- Network Management and Administration 
- Advanced Computer Architectures
- Microprocessors and Peripherals
- High Performance Computing
- Hardware / Software Integration
- Embedded Systems Prototyping
Intensive Course in Computing Intensive Course in Information Technologies
- Analysis and Design of Algorithms  
- Knowledge, Reasoning and Uncertainty
- Machine Learning
- Interactive Graphic Visualisation
- Compilers
- Computer Vision
- Robotics, Language and Planning
- Multimedia Systems
- Fundamentals of Information Technology
- Information Systems
- Distributed Systems
- Software Design
- Network Infrastructure and Technology
- Advanced Internet Technologies
- Web Systems and Technologies
- Information and Security Management
4th year  
- Project Management
- Bachelor's Degree Final Project

Optional subjects

4th year
- Work Placement
- Professional English I
- Professional English II
- Current Trends
- Internet of Things
- Applications of Coding Theory
- Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency
- Data Compression Technologies
Students may also take, as an optional course, any subject from the specific technology blocks that they have not taken as a compulsory course.