International Trade in English

Professional training conducted in English to prepare students for planning and managing the introduction and dispatch of goods and the import/export processes at an international level. The learning of Catalan, Spanish, French and Chinese for business plays an essential role in this programme.

Forma’t al Port programme

As a result of an agreement with the European School of Short Sea Shipping, students can join the Forma’t al Port training programme

The Forma’t al Port training programme aims at:

  • Ensuring students get an in-depth professional experience at Port de Barcelona, touring infrastructures, facilities, and witnessing logistic operations.
  • Providing companies with an opportunity to share their particularities and the professional profiles they need to continue developing properly.
  • Creating an active environment for dialogue and exchange between logistics companies and training centres, therefore encouraging development in the sector.
  • Contributing to the alignment of professional training needs of companies with curricula designed and taught at the academic training centres.
  • Encouraging companies to hire students in dual training.
  • Providing students with the tools and knowledge needed to quantify the environmental impact of transport operations, while familiarising them with European Union policy on sustainable logistics in Europe.

“Forma’t al Port” takes place during the two academic years of our studies:

  • 1st academic year: students spend two days touring Port de Barcelona’s facilities including the container, intermodal freight, roll-on-roll-off terminals and the intermodal freight logistics platform (ZAL). During these two days students will also be attending conferences by different experts of Comunitat Portuaria.
  • 2nd academic year: students spend three days with the programme: they start with a visit to the loading port right before boarding a cargo ship to a port in Italy for 24 hours. During the journey, students receive training and perform hands-on duties related to logistics and cargo transport. After pulling into the Italian port, students receive a tour. After returning to Barcelona, the programme ends with a presentation of the student’s research papers in Port de Barcelona.