Call for predoctoral trainee researcher (PIF) contract
Formula 03.06.2020 Notification and Tenders  - 

The UAB offers 2 predoctoral trainee researcher (PIF) contract at the Department of Mathematics for academic course 2020/2021. (10-06-2020 - Clarification of published Selection Criteria).

Application details and requeriments following the link:

Applications from 3rd June to 11th June 2020.

10-06-2020 - Clarification of published Selection Criteria

The Selection Criteria include, among other: Letters of recommendation and endorsements. But the WEB does not specify how to include these letters. 

The candidates must ask the people who sign the letters or endorsements to send them directly to the Department, to the address All letters and guarantees that arrive before June 22, the day the commission is constituted, will be accepted.




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