University Master's Degree in Management of Mountain Areas

It offers specialized training in analysis of dynamics, potentials and problems of mountain areas among other aspects

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The University Master's Degree in Management of Mountain Areas, with a markedly professional focus, offers graduate students specialised training in specific analysis skills needed to deal with the dynamics, potentiality and problems found in mountain areas. It also equips students with the knowledge needed to propose and organise innovative planning and management initiatives for the sustainable development of these areas, both in the public sector and with private initiatives.

This is an innovative master's degree in its sector given that there are no other regulated programmes specifically focused in the management of mountain areas and their surroundings.

The collaboration between the Departments of Geography of the five universities offering this master's degree: University of Lleida (coordinating university), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Girona, University of Barcelona and Rovira i Virgili University provides a guarantee of quality thanks to their long-lasting academic and research tradition in a wide range of mountain-related subjects.

The University Master's Degree in Management of Mountain Areas aims to train students to become experts in a sustainable management of mountains: capable of providing innovative and viable solutions within current legislation frameworks and policies, and provide them with the skills needed to work with and direct interdisciplinary teams in public organisms and entities, as well as generate entrepreneurial actions locally and globally.

The master's degree poses a comprehensive vision of mountains with the aim of acquiring professional skills in:

  • The analysis and interpretation of environmental singularities and associated natural risks.
  • Understanding of intersectional problems of mountain areas and the search for comprehensive solutions.
  • Recognition of the use of different regulations related to the ordinance of mountain areas.
  • Conception and unraveling of initiatives within the socioeconomic context of mountains.
  • Sustainable management of mountain areas.

The study of physical aspects and environmental limitations are an important part of the master's degree, but at the same time relevance is given to the economical and social dynamics. The programme also counterbalances learning about the characteristic environmental and socio-economical aspects of mountains with knowledge on the management and ordinance of these areas.

Due to the specific features of mountains in the Mediterranean area, the master's degree covers characteristics and situations that are not only typical of Alpine mountains, but also dry, mid-altitude and low mountains.

Career options

  • Promoters, technicians and directors in local, regional and state administration sectors.
  • Technicians and directors of natural parks, museums, interpretation centres and other cultural institutions.
  • Local business initiative developers and workers in sectors such as tourism and other leisure activities.
  • Consultancy services focusing on the environment, urban planning and economic development.

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