Official Master's Degree in Erasmus Mundus in Leading International Vaccinology Education


The LIVE programme, comprising 120 ECTS credits, is multidisciplinary, international, and highly focused on the training of new professionals. The programme has the following 3 objectives. 1) To learn Immunology and Infectology, in order to become an expert in Vaccinology. 2) To join the international academic and industrial networks. 3) To participate in public policies on health and education related to knowledge, development and application of vaccines.

The master's degree is taught by 5 universities: Université Claude Bernard Lyon (coordinating university), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Barcelona, University of Antwerp and Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne.

Students receive tuition in Barcelona, Antwerp and Lyon during the first 3 semesters, and in the 4th semester they undertake a placement leading towards their master's degree dissertation, in a company or research centre affiliated to the programme, which could be in one of a number of countries.

There are over 50 of these affiliated companies and centres, engaged in research, development and manufacture of vaccines. In addition, there are 7 higher education institutions affiliated to the master's programme.

A symposium on vaccines, linked to the master's degree, is held every year. In October 2015 the UAB organised the symposium Vaccinology and Infectology, in the Casa de Convalescència building of the UAB.

The LIVE master's degree offers Erasmus + Joint Master's Degree grants funded by the European Union, and other grants funded by companies working on vaccines.

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Key features

The Erasmus Mundus Master's Degree in Leading International Vaccinology Education is taught by top-level, highly experienced lecturing staff, widely recognised for their research work. Each content area of the master's degree is in the hands of experts in that particular area. The teaching staff belongs to the different departments of the participating universities: Université Claude Bernard Lyon (coordinating university), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Barcelona, University of Antwerp and Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne.

The master's degree also includes the participation of prestigious national and international researchers, along with entrepreneurs working in the field of vaccines, such as: Asshab Y (Palestine), Espinosa Blay L (ES), Catálfamo M (USA), Martínez-Picado J (ES), Czerkinsky C (FR), Aramburu J (ES), Bigas A (ES), Dieye Tandakha N (Senegal), Marchant A (BE), Finn A (UK), Jonjic S (CRO), Papaevangelou V (GR), Moulin AM (FR), Bonanni P (IT), Kieber-Emmons T (USA), Pashov A (BUL), Plotkin S A (USA), Bin Wang (China).

Master's coordinator:
Dr Christine DELPRAT
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France
Local coordinators:
Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Dr Thomas Stratmann
Department of Physiology and Immunology
University of Barcelona, Spain
Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
University of Antwerp, Belgium
Dr Stéphane PAUL
Faculté de Médecine Jacques Lisfranc
Université Jean Monet, Saint Etienne, France

Career options

In the course of their studies, the students make valuable professional contacts with the academic and and business institutions partnered with the master's degree.

The master's degree equips its students to work in the following areas within the vaccines sector: research and development, clinical studies, project management, patents, business development, quality control, commercial development, communication and dissemination.

It also meets the academic and training needs of students wishing to undertake PhD studies in one of its twelve partner universities.

Erasmus Mundus

23 places
Faculty: Faculty of Biosciences
Coordinator university:UniversitÚ Claude Bernard Lyon
Other participating universities:Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Universitat de Barcelona
Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne
Universiteit Antwerpen

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