University Master's Degree in Double Master's Degree in English and American Studies

Double Master Degree Agreement in English and American Studies between the UAB and Ca’ Foscari – Venice

The European Joint Master's Programme in English and American Studies has been developed by a consortium of European universities of which the Department of English and German Studies at the UAB has recently become a partner.

Starting in 2021-2022, students will now be able to take a double Master’s degree. This means that in two years they will be able to fulfil the requirements for Master’s degree in both institutions: 60 credits at the UAB and 120 credits at Ca’ Foscari. This works through a) a series of mutually recognised credits, b) registering in the first year at the UAB, c) registering in the second year at Ca Foscari, and d) fulfilling the requirements for the dissertation in both institutions.

This programme provides a unique opportunity for students of English and American studies to internationalize their experience by studying in two of Europe’s most prestigious universities. The Joint Master’s Programme has been successfully training students for over ten years.

All students, whatever track they wish to follow: literature and culture, linguistics, or the non-track option, may register but have to fulfil the standard procedures. So, if you are interested in this programme, please apply to the Joint Master’s Consortium at 

Students must apply both to the Joint Master’s Programme in English and American Studies and to the UAB Master’s Programme in Advanced English Studies. The application period for the Joint Master’s is from 19th January until 7th April 2022.

For general information about the UAB programme: