University Master's Degree in Biological Anthropology

Training applied to human diversity and its biomedical implications, as well as physical and forensic anthropology. Enjoy acquiring knowledge with a multidisciplinary team of academics

  • Inter-University
  • Credits: 60 credits
  • Price: Check with the coordinating university

Are you interested in biology and human genetics,and the relation between variability and vulnerability to diseases?
Are you interested in forensic anthropology and the study of ancient people?
Are you interested in human evolution and ecology, and the adaptation of primates?
Then don't think twice, this master's degree is for you!

The master's degree in Biological Anthropology offers up-to-date, innovative and applied training in human biodiversity, its origin, evolution and biomedical implications. It also provides the latest in applied training in the fields of physical and forensic anthropology. You can configure your training and obtain one of two specialisations:
  • Physical and Forensic Anthropology
  • Human Diversity and Biomedical Applications
Come and enjoy gaining knowledge on biological anthropology in two of the best universities in Spain: the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Universitat de Barcelona. You will be guided by a multidisciplinary team of lecturers, leaders in the fields of physical anthropology, forensic anthropology, human genetics and human evolution. The majority of lectures are made up of practical sessions and you will also be able to sign up for fieldwork.


Coordinator university:

Universitat de Barcelona

Participating universities

Universitat de Barcelona (coordinator university)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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