Official Master's Degree in Biological Anthropology


The master's degree in Biological Anthropology aims to offer graduates in Experimental Sciences and the Humanities the latest in human biodiversity, its origin, evolution and biomedical implications. The master's degree meets the need of a growing demand in specialists from the fields of human biology and physical anthropology, and provides the specific skills and methodologies used in the specialisation and related areas (physiology, genetics, zoology, medicine, archaeology and palaeoanthropology).

The master's degree offers a research approach and the possibility of working with companies of the sector. Students will even be able to carry out their final project in collaboration with external centres. Training is focused on two specialisations: Physical and Forensic Anthropology, and Molecular Anthropology and Biomedical Applications.

This master's degree is addressed to people interested in the following areas:

  • Forensic anthropology and individual, osteological and molecular identification techniques.
  • Anthropology applied to archaeology, including taphonomy, demography and the reconstruction of ancient populations.
  • Human evolution, primatology and prehistory.
  • Molecular anthropology.
  • Biomedical applications of human molecular diversity in cytogenetics, complex diseases and genetic epidemiology.

This master's degree works on all these issues in a profound and inter-related manner. Over 50% of the contents form part of practical sessions conducted in laboratories which work with osteology, molecular biology and computer sciences.

  • Physical and Forensic Anthropology
  • Human Diversity and Biomedical Applications

Career options

  • Research laboratories
  • Human genetics diagnosis laboratories
  • Forensic anthropology diagnosis laboratories
  • Blood banks
  • Museums
  • Companies of the anthropology and/or archaeology sector
  • Teaching
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Cristina Santos
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Faculty: Faculty of Biosciences
Coordinator university: Universitat de Barcelona
Other participating universities:Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

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