University master's degree in Discourse Studies: Communication, Society and Learning

Analyze linguistic and communicative activity from a multidisciplinary perspective

The objective of the master's degree programme in Discourse Studies: Communication, Society and Learning is to provide specialization in discourse studies and simultaneously, to reinforce the multidisciplinary dimension that this area of research fosters. For this reason, the syllabus includes both subjects from the postgraduate official programme of the Department of Translation and Language Sciences and other university UPF and UAB master's programmes. Cooperation between departments and universities is essential in promoting cross-disciplinary and inclusive perspectives of discourse studies.

The main area of interest of this master's programme is first, to foster research and train experts in the development and application of theories, methods and practices related to the study of language in social communication and learning contexts; and second, to contribute to academic specialization in the various areas of application of discourse studies. In the optional subjects module, the programme offers subjects with objectives and applied content focused on reinforcing a specialization or preparing students for a subsequent doctorate.

Coordinator university:

Pompeu Fabra University

Participating universities

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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