General information

UAB's virtual fair for Master's Degrees, Graduate Courses and PhDs

Information sessions will be held online from 4 to 8 of October: clear up any doubts you may have directly with the coordinators of your next Master's Degree, Graduate Course or PhD Programme. Registration is open!

  • Official UAB
  • Places: Minimum 15 and maximum 25.
  • Language: Catalan, Spanish and English
    Students must have an advanced level in one of the three languages used on the course, and an intermediate level in another.
  • Teaching centre: Faculty of Science

This programme has been replaced by the master's degree in Nanotechnology and Materials Science.

The elaboration of new materials and the development of new applications requires the expertise of professionals from many different fields. For this reason, the Master's degree has a strong interdisciplinary dimension, thanks to the collaboration of a powerful group of prestigious researchers and professionals from different departments, institutions and businesses in this sector. See lecturing staff.

Career options

There are two types of career options: 

  1. Technological research and innovation in universities, research institutes and highly innovative businesses where the research and design of new materials and their applications are their main activity; 
  2. Entering a productive branch of businesses from a wide range of sectors specialised in the production of materials, components and devices.

Collaborating institutions:

Barcelona Institute of Materials Science (ICMAB-CSIC): Catalonia's only large research centre dedicated exclusively to the research and applications of new materials (some of the classes will take place here).