University Master's Degree in Comparative Literature: Literary and Cultural Studies

Pioneering programme with a multidisciplinary perspective with which creatively to solve current issues related to the study of literature and culture within a contemporary multicultural context 

Content Official Master's Degree in Comparative Literature: Literary and Cultural Studies

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Master description

This master's degree, emphatically interdisciplinary in character, offers training in one of the most active fields of humanistic studies today, that of Comparative Literature and, more broadly, on studies of contemporary culture, principally as approached through textual and discursive instances.

The structure of the master's degree is arranged in accordance with its central objective, which to train researchers in Comparative Literature. The master's degree therefore offers 80 ECTS, of which 60 must be completed to obtain the degree, and which are taught over a single academic year. The syllabus is structured into methodological training modules and research modules, three of which are obligatory and five are optional. Each module has its own coordinator, responsible for the selection of participating lecturers and for interrelation with the students.

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Teaching timetable

Lectures will be held in morning and afternoon sessions, at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts.

Study plan structure

Research Profile

Type Credits
Compulsory 30
Optional 30


Subject Credits Type
Comparative Literature: Issues and Methods 10 OB
Master Thesis 10 OB
Methodology 10 OB
Comparative Literature: Literary Traditions 10 OT
Comparative Literature: Modernism and Postmodernism 10 OT
Cultural studies 10 OT
Genres and texts: analysis practices 10 OT
Studies of genres and sexuality 10 OT


OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional

Discontinuation of courses

All optional subjects are not scheduled each year.

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