Official master's degree in Physiotherapy of the Thorax

Advanced training in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy for professional physiotherapists capable of adequately fulfilling therapeutic and preventive needs in all areas of health

Content Official Master's Degree in Physiotherapy of the Thorax

Ideal student profile

This master's degree is aimed at graduates in Physiotherapy or in an equivalent subject, who wish to take advanced studies in the field of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, primarily in order to meet healthcare delivery needs, but also to meet those of research applied to clinical practice.

It is recommended that students have the following characteristics:
  • Communicative skills and empathy
  • Perceptiveness and attentiveness
  • Ability to synthesise and to plan work
  • Abilty to work in a team
  • Adaptability to changing situations

A basic knowledge of English and French is also recommended.

Basic skills

  • Use acquired knowledge as a basis for originality in the application of ideas, often in a research context.
  • Solve problems in new or little-known situations within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to the field of study.
  • Integrate knowledge and use it to make judgements in complex situations, with incomplete information, while keeping in mind social and ethical responsibilities.
  • Communicate and justify conclusions clearly and unambiguously to both specialised and non-specialised audiences.
  • Continue the learning process, to a large extent autonomously.